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Oil and energy issues at stake

During this last month three news have waken up my interest on oil and energy issues. It is not a question of interest, instead a question of importance in the current context. How to deal with oil is included in the agendas of all the relevant international meetings of the last 3 years, whether if they were the WTO, G20, Rio+20, European Union, etc. The issues related with the most important energy resource have implication in many ways: economical, geopolitcal, environmental, social, human rights, financial, etc. That’s the reason why three important facts demonstrate the importance of this issue in nowaday’s international agenda. Let’s see:

  • A study made by the Global Subsidies Initiative (IISD) which reports a summary of how many money could be saved in 24 OECD countries from fossil-fuel subsidy reform;
  • The European Parliament is discussing whether shale gas extraction benefits outweights its potential harms;
  • The United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) passed rules 1502-1504 of the Dodd Frank Financial Regulation Bill that requires oil and gas industries to publish all their payments to host governments.

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